2024 imperative:
More Direct Bookings

For over 7 years we’ve been helping accommodation owners to
improve their digital footprint and revenue with direct bookings.

Powerful technology and data at your fingertips

Don’t you want to increase your direct bookings?


Demand Signals

Unlock tremendous opportunities by knowing what and when people are searching.

Organic Visibility

See how visible you are on Google’s organic results and how your competitors are ranking.

Brand Monitoring

Spot who is using your brand on Google ads and take massive action again it.

Reputation Management

Never miss out a review or rating from your visitors again. See what they say and engage.

Rate Parity

Monitor rate parity across diffirent OTAs and optimize your direct booking offers.

Website Monitoring

Uptime monitoring tests your website and alerts you about outages before your visitors do.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

When you know what people search, when and from where, you can spot seasonality trends and emerging markets almost instantly.

Such knowledge can help you shape your marketing activities accordingly and increase your direct bookings.

Unlock the hidden opportunities of search demand signals.


Knowledge is power
Win the customer experience

Win the customer experience

Your responsibility towards your guest doesn’t end during at the check-out.

Post-stay engagement is very important and can affect your image, reputation and future bookings.

Therefore knowing what people say about your hotel, when and where is very important.

Take Back Control

Continuous improvement is the key to success.
Increasing your direct bookings and decrease your dependency from OTAs.
Improve your rates, elasticity and increase profits.

Brands That Trust Us

The Square Lime Hospitality
Nilie Hospitality
Lagos Mare Hotel
Kouros Hotel
18 Eighteen Grapes Hotel
The Sand Collection Villas
Azur Hotel
Royal Hotel

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